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A French Lit-en-Bateau

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A mid 19th century, French Napoleon III period cast and wrought iron day bed, finely decorated with haut-relief and fretted floral and foliate motifs.
This bed can be dismantled, for easy transportation and storage. Please note: we are selling this bed, not for its intended use as a child’s bed, but as a day bed. One of the long raised sides can be dropped down and made to fit under the mattress. Area of Paris, circa 1870.
This item is currently for sale in a shop near Paris, and will not be brought to Melbourne unless someone wants it, and is willing to put down a deposit on its purchase.

Condition report: In very good and original condition.

Dimensions: 187 x 91 cm. Mattress size is 180 x 88 cm.

Status: Awaiting shipment to Australia

Price: $950.00

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