An English 12-Inch Library Globe, by Malby & Sons

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A 19th century English 12-inch 1860s terrestrial Atlas Globe fitted into its Regency-style, solid mahogany tripod stand, complete with brass hour disc at North Pole and fully graduated brass meridian, its large, original compass suspended between the elegantly swept feet. Still showing Budapest as "Pesth", before it was annexted to Buda, in 1873, and showing the "Chinese Empire", and "British America". The table set in the Pacific Ocean reads: Malby's Terrestrial Globe, compiled from the latest & most authentic sources, including all the recent Geographical Discoveries, Manufactured and Published under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge by Malby & Sons Map & Globe sellers to the Admiralty. Published at the Globe Manufactory, 37 Parker Street, Little Queen Street, Holborn, London.
Condition report: In excellent and original condition.
Dimensions: Overall diameter 43 cm, height 94 cm.
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