An 18th century “Vue d’Optique”

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An 18th century unframed watercoloured print with a views of the Boulevards in Paris, pre-Haussmann. These “Perspective View” Vue d’Optique prints became popular in Europe during the 18th century, and were viewed, like slides, through lenses in “Magic Lanterns”. The magic lanterns projected the views onto a screen, for a Salon’s evening entertainment.

The print is signed by Jacques Chéreau (Blois 29 October 1688 – Paris 1 December 1776) and shows a perspective of a Boulevard from the rue des Filles du calvaire, in the 3rd Arrondissement, with figures in period costumes. Area of Paris, circa 1770.

Condition report: In good and original condition, showing wear suitable for its age.
Dimensions: Sheet 50 x 33 cm.
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