The pick of French Antique Shops Melbourne

Come in and feel free to browse… the shop is made up of several rooms on different levels, and we have a lot of stock on display, so please do wander around! We have recently taken over the shop next door, and have doubled the size of our showroom.

French Antiques Melbourne

What sets our antique shop in Melbourne apart from other Melbourne antique shops is the knowledge and passion with which Miguel hand-picks his enormous range of items, ranging from very fine pieces from the area of Paris, to elegant, and sometimes very rustic furniture from Provincial France. The criteria with which Miguel buys when overseas is simple: he buys as if buying for his own home. Customers are welcome to view items in our side-by-side antique shops in Melbourne, as well as in our large Oakleigh warehouse, but we invite everyone to regularly browse our daily-updated website for our complete stock list.

An 18 to 20 seater Loire Valley Table

Views of the Shop

More Rooms

Our Courtyard

We keep most of our architectural elements, at least those that can live outdoors, in our open courtyard: You’ll find here entrance doors, grilles and balconies, marble and stone fireplaces, garden statuary & furniture, fountains, etc.

The Second Room in the “Shop-next-Door”

The Second Room

This ground-floor room follows from the first, as you enter from the street. It accesses the office and has large double-doors opening onto our courtyard. The courtyard houses most of our architectural items, and some of the garden and statuary pieces too.

Shop Interior

Our Office/ Kitchen

Please come in and stay for a chat, and to try our good Italian Espresso coffee!

Our Conservation Workshop

Our workshop is the real heart of the shop, and is as much on display as the shop itself.Please feel free to browse all pieces currently under restoration, and do ask us about the processes of restoration and conservation.

At the end of her apprenticeship, Tamara receiving the first prize for Tafe’s final year’s Craftsmanship Awards

At the end of her apprenticeship, Tamara receiving the first prize for Tafe’s final year’s Craftsmanship Awards

Shop interior, view of the front of ‘Next Door”. A wall decorated with framed botanical pressings 

A View of the Front room of “Next Door” 

Some of our Antique Wine Glassware

Miguel scours flea markets, antique shops and auction rooms to source antique French hand-blown glassware, with more of a love for blown glass than for crystal. We stock complete sets of wine glasses, liqueur glasses, absinthe glasses, jugs, decanters and cheese cloches.

The Mezzanine (above the Workshop)

Everyone is welcome to find their way to this mezzanine above our workshop. It is always stocked with unrestored treasures.

The Rear Entrance to the Shop

This is rear entrance to the shop from a lane way between Parslow and Cressy streets, leading into our restoration workshop and the upstairs warehouse. It’s an easy pick-up and drop off point for the shop.

A View of the “Next Door” Second Room. Miguel’s favourite spot, sitting at this magnificent desk

The steep, old staircase leading upstairs

Our Oakleigh Warehouse

This is the warehouse where we unload all of our containers, and where, apart from the shop areas, much of our items are on display. We can drive you there (10 to 15 minutes by car from the shop), or else, please feel free to make an appointment via phone or by email to meet us there.