The largest collection of Antique Mirrors in Melbourne

Miguel says that antique mirrors do wonderful things for interiors; they are part of the 'architecture' of a room. They reflect light and make rooms more luminous and spacious.
When in France, Miguel sources his French mirrors from Parisian estate auctions, from trade fairs and from antique markets. We have a very large stock of French antique mirrors, comprising fine Parisian and French provincial mirrors, mantle mirrors, console mirrors, cushion and margin mirrors, gilt and silver-gilt mirrors, convex and starburst mirrors, and mirrors for use in hallways, bathrooms and dressing rooms.

Please check our current online stock for all French mirrors, including Parisian mirrors, Provincial mirrors, bedroom mirrors, bathroom mirrors, Console mirrors, Gilt mirrors, Mantle mirrors, Hall mirrors, Cheval mirrors, Oak mirrors, Mercury silvered mirrors, Margin mirrors, Cushion mirrors, Convex mirrors, Venetian mirrors, wrought iron mirrors.