An Armoire Arlesienne
18th century Armoire from Arles, France.

An Armoire fills a room with its warm personality, and it adds character and a sense of History, and permanence, to the home. It has many practical uses, and has great advantages over its rival – the built-in cupboard. The Armoire is not part of the permanent architecture of the home, and its owners can keep it for many years, and can use it in a succession of homes.

Armoires make excellent wardrobes and usually allow for hanging-space and as well as shelving. For optimum space-usage the areas between shelves can be fitted with hanging drawers, or even with simple and functional woven-wire drawers. Some armoires have doors which are fitted with full-length mirrors, and these are ideal in a bedroom.
Our workshop often adapts Armoires in a sympathetic way, to house, and hide, TVs and all the paraphernalia that goes with them: DVD players, X-Boxes, Satellite TV boxes, and shelving for DVDs.

An Armoire adds a much-needed sense of verticality to a family/ dining room/ bedroom: Dining tables, sideboards, serving tables, sofas and beds tend to emphasise the horizontal lines of the room. A strong, vertical item of furniture such as an Armoire gives a dynamic and balanced feel to the room.

Placed in contemporary interiors and together with modern furniture, an antique Armoire takes on a “sculptural” status. Like a work of art in a gallery, the Armoire’s vertical presence, with its subtlety of colours and textures will radiate its warm personality in the room.